IR(Industrial Relation)

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Question: Explain Industrial Relation ?

Question: Who is the father of industrial relations?

Question: What is IR admin?

Question: What is HR and IR?

Question: What is the difference between Labour relations and industrial relations?

Question: How do you deal with labor problems?

Question: What are the key issues in industrial relations?

Question: What are the main approaches to industrial relation?

Question: What are the objectives and importance of IR ?

Question: Discuss the effect of good and bad IR in Industry ?

Question: Who are the parties involved in industrial relations?

Question: What is the role of industrial relations manager?

Question: What Is Job Description?

Question: What Is Grievance?

Question: What are cause of Grievance?

Question: Explain grievance handling procedures?

Question: What Is Charge Sheet?

Question: What are importance and objectives of Trade Union (T.U)?

Question: What are the function of trade union ?

Question: What is the Advantage and disadvantage of Trade unions (T.U) ?

Question: Draw up the structure or committee of trade union?

Question: Discuss the registration process of trade union?

Question: Explain unfair labor practice employee side?

Question: Explain unfair labour practice in employer side ?   

Question: What are cause of Industrial dispute ?

Question: What are the various dispute forms ?

Question: How Industrial dispute can be settled ?

Question: Difference between Trade union and collective bargaining association?

Question: What are the Pre-requesting of Strike?

Question: Process of Collective bargaining?

Question: What do you mean by employee participation in management?

Question: What are the object of employee participation in management?

Question: Explain the facilities of employee leader?

Question: Explain the participation Committee ?

Question: Define discipline and state its characteristic ?

Question: What are the causes of disciplinary action ?

Question: Explain ILO membership process ?

Question: Explain the structure of ILO ?

Question: What are the objective of ILO ?

Question: Explain the function of ILO ?

Question: What is the employee association? Write down some names of EAB(Employee Association of Bangladesh) .

Question: What are the objectives and Functions of EAB (Employee Association of Bangladesh)? 



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