Security Audit Checklist

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Factory License/ factory permission
Incorporation certificate
Trade License


Today’s Attendance -Male + Female = Total
Personal File -Sample security, packer, loader
Resigned file -Sample security, packer, loader


Recruitment Policy & procedure
Background check policy &
Termination policy & procedure
Threat awareness policy & procedure
Training on Threat awareness program – Orientation and refresher training, special training to
packer/loader/security employee, 7 point & 5 point
inspection, agriculture/pest control training, identify
Human smuggling, Money laundering & Terrorism
Financing, Cyber security training

Incident report register/log

Access control policy and procedure – Photo ID policy, Photo ID verification procedure for visitor, driver, contractors
Perimeter/wall inspection record/ illegal access/building inspection – Inspect by securities
Petrol duty policy and Register
CCTV camera policy
Visitor register/log
Visitor escort policy
Vehicle in/out register
Contraband policy
Factory Security policy – Facility security in a policy in a brief
Security risk assessment, internal audit – Risk assessment on supply chain, Internal security audit and corrective action plan
Key policy – Including Lost key policy and procedure, duplicate key
Key register and key inventory
Building perimeter/wall/security
related repairing register/log
Vehicle control policy
7 point-5 point policy & procedure
7 point-5 point inspection
Goods tamper policy & procedure
Bolt seal policy/testing certificate
Bolt seal/broken bolt seal register
and inventory
Shipment register and shipping documents – PO sheet/BL of full shipment document
Audit on Shipping documents – Policy and procedure, internal audit & corrective action plan
Parcel/mail screen policy &
Parcel/mail screen register
Data protection policy
Goods overage & shortage policy and procedure – Goods overage shortage register/log

Contract/deeds with transport company – Contracts, Transport company trade license, driver hiring
procedures, background check
Internal security review to the transport company – Drivers background check by facility

Cyber security policy and procedure

IT Access control, Password/User ID change policy,vulnerability report, licensed software using policy,termination/leave policy, IT equipment disposal records and policy, data back up policy, personal device policy, VPN access control, IT equipment governing policy

Cyber incident report procedure and log

Password invalid report, unauthorized access report or
breach to administrator, necessary steps to investigate

Contractor/supplier security policy

Contractor employees hiring, background
screening, security policy sharing to the contractor,
supplier/contractor security assessment

Transporter agreement

Transport agreement, route map, electronic
dispatch log, GPS data/mobile tracking record, nonstop procedure

CCTV/IT/security equipment

CCTV maintenance, agreement between licensed contractor, CCTV review records/reports/register,
IT/security equipment maintenance record

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