Question: Abbreviation on HR words

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· Absenteeism: The practice of staying away from work for no good reason. Low productivity is largely due to the high level of absenteeism.

· Accountability:The fact of being responsible to someone for something.

· Accreditation: The process of certifying the competence of a person in a certain area.

· Achieve: to succeed in doing something to do something successfully.

· Active interview: An interview where the interview is encouraged to answer fully the question ached.

· Administration= the action of organizing controlling / managing a company.

· Affiliated = connect with / owned by another company

· Agency labor= Staff supplier b an employment agency.

· Agenda= The list of things to be discussed at a meeting.

· Annual general meeting= An annual meeting of all shareholders of a company, when the company financial situation is presented.

· Annual hours= The total of all the hours worked in a year (1720 hours per year).

· Appraisal = A calculation of the value of someone / something.

· Apprentice = A young person who works under contract for a period in under to be trained in a skill.

· Argue = Discuss something about which you do not agree. Assembly point= A place where people can meet.

· Auditors= A person who audits.

· Automation= the use of m/c to do work with very little supervision by people.

· Attendance bonus= a bonus give to employers for good attendance.

· Attitude= the way in which a person behaves/ things.



Back pay= A salary which has not been paid.

Back shift= the afternoon shift in tree-shift system.

Band with= limits such as upper/ lower performance.

Bargain= an agreement on the price or something.

Base= the longest/first position

Basic pay= a normal salary without extra payment.

Base processing= a system of data processing where information is called into batches before being loaded into the computer. Behalf= on behalf of acting for someone of a company.

Benchmark= a point/level which is important + can be used as a reference when marine ovulation. Benchmark job= a job used as a measure of performance.

Bi= bi-monthly twice a month. Bi an nous twice a year.

Bilateral = between two con.

Blocked mobility= limited potential for promotion.

Book keeping= the weeping of the financial records of a company.

Boo manage worker=An employee who returns to work for a previous employer. Boom industry= an industry which is expanding rapidly.

Boyce = to deal in certain product a ritual to buy.

Brain drain= the movement of clever people away from a country to find better jobs in other countries. Brain storming= an intensive discussion by a small group of people as a method of producing new ideas/ soloing Bribe= money given to someone in authority to get them to help. Bribery= the illegal disconnect act of offering somebody cash in order to persuade them to give you an unfair advance Bully= a person who is in a powerful position / continually gamiest others. Business letter= a letter which deals with business matter.

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Call back pay= pay given to an employee who has been called back to work after flier normal working hours.

Carbon copy= a copy made with carbon paper

Charge hand= a surf operator in a group of workers under a foreman who has responsibility for being that day to day problems are solved.

Chilling effect= a negative effect on employees of regulation /practices/ that limit their freedom/


Casual Job= a job which exit for a short time only.

Casual leave= paid time off from work given to an employee to deal with personal matters/ affairs .

Catastrophe= a sudden disaster.

Character assessment= the process of judging the personality of an employee.

Checking in= the act of arriving for work and recording the time on time card.

Clocking out= the act of leaving work recording the time on time card.

Close down= to shut a shop/factory/ office for a long period.

Closed system= a work system which is inflexible/ does not allow the employees much freedom to work in their own way.

Closing session= the last part of a meeting or conference.

Closure = the act of closing.

Code of conduct= the guideline showing how someone should behave towards customers.

Coercion = the act of forcing someone to do something collaboration= the act of working together.

Commitment= something which you have agreed to do.

Companies act= an act of parliament which regulates the working of companies starting the legal limits within which companies may do their business.

Company loyalty= the dedication of the staff to the company+ objections.

Company secretory= a person who is unplayable for a company’s legal + financial affairs.

Competence= the ability to do the tasks performed as part of a job within the standards which should achieved in this duty.

Competency statement= a list of qualities which an employee needs to do their work.

Competence framework= the set of duties/ tasks performed.

Compliance= agreement to do what is ordered.

Comply= agree to do what is ordered.

Comrade= a friend / fellow employee / fellow member of a union.

Confidential: not to told/ shown to other people.

Conflict= antagonism between people eg. Between management & workers.

Conflict of interest= a situation where a person/ firm may profit personally from decisions taken in an official capacity.

Conflict of right= a situation where it is claimed that the terms of the employees contracts of employments / negotiated agreement have not been met.

Conformance= the process of acting in accordance with a rule.

Conjunctive bargaining = collective bargaining where the union has to be settle on the management term.

Conspiracy= a legal term used to describe the intention of employees to break the law who resorting to individual action.

Continuous assessment= an assessment of a frame work carried out through the course.

Contributor= a person who gives money.

Co-owner= a person who owns something with another person.

Cope= to manage to do something.

Core time= a period when people working under a flexible system must be present at work.

Core value= a set of concept / ideas that guide someone life+ help them to make important decision.

Correspondence= letters/emails/other sms exchange.

Cost-effective= which gives good values when compared with original cost.

Creativity test= a test designed to assess the originality / imagination with someone can apply to solving problem.

Criticize= to say that something /someone is wrong/working badly.

Cross functional= referring to an employee who can work at different/ varied tasks.

Cushy= which does not involve any effort.




Daily rate= money paid for one day’s work.

Danger money= extra money paid to employees in dangerous jobs.

Danger zone bonus= a bonus for working a particularly dangerous area. Date of departure= the date on which an employee leaves the company. Day of action= a day when workers do not work but take part in strikes/protests. Deadline= the date by something has be done.

Decisive= referring to a person who makes up their minds.

Declaration= an official statement.

DE recruiting= the policy of replacement permanent employees with temporary ones. Defend= to fight to protect someone/something which is being attacked. Delegation = a group of delegates.

Demography = the study of population + population statistics such as age, sex, income. Demote= to give someone a less important job.

Deploy= to send staff to a certain place to carry out a certain job. Depreciation= a reduction in value of an asset.

Deputy= a person who takes the place of another.

Desk pad= a pad of paper kept on a desk for writing notes.

Dilution of labor= the process of disliking reducing the number of skilled jobs/replacing them with unskilled jobs.

Disciplinary action= an action taken to control/punish bad behavior by employee.

Disciplinary lay-off= temporary dismissal of an employees as a punishment.

Discretion= the ability to decide correctly what should be done.

Discriminate= to treat people in different ways because of class, religion, race, language, color, sex, physical or mental ability.

Disincentive= something which discourages, especially something which discharge people from working.

Dock= to remove money from someone wages.

Dogs body= a person who does all types of work in an officer for very low wages.

Dole= money given by the gov to unemployed people.

Down size= to reduce the number of people employed in order to wake a company more profitable.

Duty roster= a list of times shaving when each person is on duty at those times.



Echelon= a group of people or a certain grade in an organization.

Economy class= a lower quality less expensive way of travelling.

Effectiveness= the quality of working / producing result.

Efficiency = the ability to work well. An extra payment for efficient in a job.

Effort= an act of using the mind / body to do something.

Ego drive= a person’s ambition / motivating to succeed.

Eligibility= the fact of being eligible.

Emergency exit= the special way out of a building used it there is a time/ other emergency.

Emotional intelligence= the ability to understand or own personal feeling + those of other people to take others people’s feelings into acnt when reaching decision+ to respond to people’s feeling in a restrained+ through way.

Empathy= the ability to appreciate the feelings of a subordinate in a particular situation.

Employee assistance program= a program set up to help employees with personal problems.

Employee retention= the problem of keeping employees on the staff + not lasing them rival firs.

Employment pass= a visa issued to a either of a foreign country who is a protection earning more than 1500 R / month.

Empower= to give someone the power to do something.

Enclose= to put something inside an envelope with a letter.

Enforce= to make sure something is done.

Enhance= to make better

Entertainment expenses= money spent/on giving on reacts with visitors.

Entrant= a person who is going into a new job.

Equity= a right to receive dividends a part of the profit of a company in which you own shares.

Escape= an act of getting away from difficult situation.

Evolution= the calculation of value.

Evict=to force someone to leave premises which they are occupying.

Execute= to carry out an order.

Exploit= to use something to make profit.

Extrinsic reword= a financial material reword for work.



Factory act= an act of parliament which governs the condition in which employees work.

Fair trading= a way of doing business which is reasonable/does not harm for the consumer.

Fast treacle= rapid promotion for able employee.

Feasibility= the ability to be done.

Fiddle= an act of cheating.

FIFO= First In First Out.

Financial penalty= a penalty in the form of fire/money deduced the wages.

Fink= a worker hired to replace a worker who is on strike.

First ad= help given by an ordinary person to someone who is suddenly ill/ injured.

First half= a period of six month January to end of June.

Flat rate= a charge which is always stays the same.

Flexibility= the ability to be easily changed.

Flip chart= a way of showing information to a group of people by writing on large sheets of proper which can then be turned over to show next sheet.

Forbid= to tell someone not to do something/to say that something must not be done.

Forecast= a calculation of what will probably happen in the future.

Fresh blood= new younger staff employee the company feels it need to have new ideas.

Fire-fold system= a system of grading an employee/candidate for a job.


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