New Yorker Compliance Checklist

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  1. Updated factory profile with management contact
  2. MOA, Trade license, IRC, ERC, VAT, TIN, BIN, BGMEA, bond license
  3. Approved factories floor plan from local authority – compatible with emergency evacuation plan
  4. Latest building inspection report (structural) from 3rd party
  5. Certification / Membership – valid report BSCI and Sedex -email to:;
  6. Updated factories fire license
  7. Functional firefighting equipment list and fire detection, protection info
  8. Workers latest fire training certificate (fire service and civil defence)
  9. Latest fire drill and evacuation record (fire service and civil defence)
  10. Generator permission from energy regulatory commission
  11. Electrician, welders, forklift drivers permits power division/ legal authority
  12. Machinery, equipment and fixtures regular checked record
  13. Safety regulations and operating procedure records for operators of machinery trained
  14. Annual, sick, maternity and casual leave prove/ statement
  15. Compulsory group insurance benefits/ certificate
  16. Deed of agreement with local hospital incl. emergency ambulance service
  17. Drinking water test report
  18. Latest women’s maternity benefits statement/ file
  19. Disability employees list, incl. working condition
  20. Writing legal regulations concerning the hiring and employment of young workers
  21. Wages/ salary sheet original copy (last three month)
  22. Pay slip , payroll system-software copy and payment method
  23. Employees personnel file incl. recruitment/legal record by local language-3 PCs from each section
  24. Welfare and fire safety officer personal file incl. factories ID
  25. Employee attendance record- male and female
  26. Employee working hours registered record- Fingerprint/IC Card/Punch card/Other
  27. Elected workers participation committee record/ list and approval doc from govt. authority
  28. Fire alarm, hydrant, sprinkler last inspection/ testing record
  29. First aids kits/ box checked record
  30. Adequate personnel trained in first aid to assist record /doc
  31. Toilet and sanitary facilities cleaning record, incl. toilet qty
  32. Ventilation, air condition, exhaust fans cleaned record
  33. Factory environmental management system -measures and activities documentation and record
  34. Appropriate training record for risk areas handling of hazardous substances, waste separation, emissions, waste or
    waste water
  35. Ensure communication doc/ record of potential health effects to the relevant employees
  36. Discharge and treatment of waste water in compliance with local environmental regulations document
  37. Documents for waste water from processing tested for harmful chemicals before leaving the building
  38. Documents for factory inventory all hazardous wastes, waste water, solid wastes, including kind, sources, and
  39. Documents for factory adequately separate recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste in the appropriate
  40. Documents/ prove that hazardous wastes are transferred to 3rd party with relevant certification, and record of
    wastes transfer including quantities
  41. Documents/ prove for factory have taken actions to reduce/recycle/re-use solid wastes
  42. Documents for actions to reduce energy use, incl. solar panel installation
  43. Documents for water use monitoring and action to reduce water use
  44. ETP outlet water test record -pH
  45. Waste water test report ZDHC, Waste inventory report, Chemicals inventory report
  46. Factories dyeing and laundry details information if different location
  47. Fabrics and trimmings supplier name and origin for New Yorker order
  48. Yarn, raw materials supplier details information for New Yorker order
  49. Update production record and running production sample (middle of size) for New Yorker

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