Question: How many types Performance Areas (PAs)of amfori BSCI Code of Conduct?

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Answer: Amfori BSCI audits assess a supplier against the values and principles of the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, which is represented by and assessed by 13 interconnected Performance Areas (PAs):

  1. Social management system and cascade effect
  2. Workers involvement and protection
  3. The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining
  4. No discrimination
  5. Fair remuneration
  6. Decent working hours
  7. Occupational health and safety (OHS)
  8. No child labour
  9. Special protection for young workers
  10. No precarious employment
  11. No bonded labour
  12. Protection of the environment
  13. Ethical business behaviour

Performance Area: 01: Social Management system and cascade Effect

  • Organization Chart
  • List of Current and future significant business partners (supplier/subcontractor/ Service Provider / Buyer)
  • Internal Audit for significant business partner.
  • Business Partner register.
  • Social policy and procedure based on BSCI.
  • Appointed a Sr. Management Representative, MR to monitor social and Environment issues.
  • Business partner’s selection procedure, monitoring record on social performance.
  • Production capacity planning and contingency plan.
  • Mythology of production
  • Job description of key personal (HR, Compliance, H& S representative, Grievance mechanism handling personnel.
  • Relevant external grievance mechanism process
  • Contract of recruit agencies with relevant document 
  • Contract with the sub-contract process
  • Meeting minutes with significant business partners.
  • Compliant record from a business partner
  • Training record from OHS partners.
  • BSCI management committee and with his/her responsibility.

Performance area 2: Workers Involvement and protection

  • Meeting record of worker representative 
  • Election record
  • Workers Representative request and complaints register 
  • Vision, mission Policy, and vision mission and objective of the company.
  • Worker repetitive Knows about Strategic plan based on goal, mission, and objective?
  • Awareness training for their right and 
  • Trainer qualification
  • Training record of new worker
  • Training record for occupational health and safety
  • Who is responsible for the grievance mechanism?
  • Timelines to address grievances
  • Timelines to address grievances
  • Grievance mechanism Policy and Procedure
  • History of grievance solution and remediation record
  • Training record of BSCI communication.
  • Grievance mechanism Survey Record.
  • Grievance Communities with worker representative.
  • Training record on local laws, grievance to workers, new workers training, H & S training, training on grievance mechanism.
  • Training on BSCI code of conduct (Workers, Management, new workers, Marketing and Merchandising and commercial dep.

Performance area 3: The right of Freedom of Association and collective bargaining 

  • Policy and procedure about Participation Committee, election document/trade union record( if any)
  • Meeting minutes of participation Committee
  • Recruitment policy and procedure
  • Agreement with worker representative
  • Termination record

Performance area 4: No Discrimination 

  • Recruitment policy
  • Communication record for business partners for discrimination
  • Meeting minutes of participation Communities
  • Recruitment policy and Procedure
  • Termination record
  • Policy of discrimination
  • Discrimination policy. The procedure, disciplinary action logbook
  • Supervision and Manager Training record based on discrimination

Performance area 5: Fair Remuneration  

  • Minimum wages
  • Part time workers. 
  • Pcs rate worker- minimum wages
  • Payment date
  • Minimum Payment record from agencies
  • Performance appraisal
  • Wages and benefits policy, OT policy, and working hour policy, 
  • Living wages and policy.
  • Payment record (Wages, OT Payment record and personal files of workers who have been recruited thorough: “recruitment agencies”
  • Worker personal files
  • Social Benefit record 
  • Deduction Procedure

Performance area 6: Decent working hours

  • Working hour policy and OT policy
  • Attendance record and job card record
  • Shift record for all workers
  • Security duty record & leave record.
  • Rest record
  • Weekly holiday record

Performance area 7: Occupational Health and Safety

  • Working hour policy, OT policy
  • Attendance card or job card
  • Occupational and safety Policy and procedure, training record with a competent person.
  • Accident and injury record and analysis/investigation record.
  • Risk assessment of section and process based
  • Risk analysis and awareness record
  • OHS committee formation and meeting minutes
  • PPE training record
  • Training document on fire safety, first aid, risk assessment on transmittable and no- transmittable diseases.
  • Light, air, noise, temperature assessment record.
  • MSDS training and policy record
  • Toilet list (with manpower ratio) and cleaning frequency record.
  • Contract of food supplier (If any)
  • Draining water test report
  • Electrical equipment, boiler, generator sewing machine, emergency exits maintenance record.
  • Evacuation plan, aisles marks, Emergency light, and escape maintenance record
  • Firefighting equipment checklist and maintenance record
  • Electrician and boiler operator personal file
  • Policy on emergency action and training/awareness records
  • Building approval and layout plan, Incorporation certificate, trade license, fire license, Group and fire insurance, IRC, and ERC, TIN, and VAT, Membership Certificate, Generator and boiler license, Factory license, Bond License, Medical Agreement, Wastage Disposal Agreement.
  • First aid training for 3rd party for 6 month
  • Training record OHS committee
  • Fire drill record
  • Emergency procedure for fire, Evacuation
  • Training record of machine safety of PPE.
  • List of administrative and engineering measures Equipment.
  • Warning sign
  • Eyewash station
  • Spot removing Room
  • Stair & Hand rill
  • Berried Window
  • Electrical Safety training
  • Fire freighting training
  • Fire freighting equipment list
  • Fire freighting training record
  • Aisles block
  • Inward door
  • Health and safety procedure
  • First aider training
  • Chemical Handling training
  • Safe chemical room
  • Alternative Exit
  • Machine Safety Instruction
  • Working procedure for night
  • Drinking water test report
  • Drinking water facility
  • Responsible person for supplying drinking water
  • Hose keeping policy 
  • Safety issue for transport
  • Driving License of transport
  • Clean Dormitory
  • Temperature record
  • Sanitation
  • Illumination Condition
  • Emergency and trauma policy and Procedure.
  • Risk Assessment Investigation Record
  • Risk Assessment Policy.

Performance area 8: No- Child Labor

  • Child labor Policy and Child labor remediation policy
  • Age verification system and document provided by workers. 
  • HR personal training document on age verification
  • Training record for a person in charge of human resources adequately trained on age verification

Performance area 9: No- Special Protection of Young workers

  • Young worker protection policy
  • Personal File of a young worker, Job contract and attendance record.
  • Young worker Risk assessment, training record.
  • Young worker ID and wages
  • Training record for supervisors ensuring aware and instructed to provide support to young workers
  • Policy for hiring workers

Performance Area 10: No Precarious Employment

  • Hiring Policy, Personal Files of seasonal workers, foreigners ( If any)
  • Worker orientation record
  • Appointed record a person responsible for human resource aware of the frame that provides greater protection to workers.

Performance area 11: No Bonded Labor

  • Policy on forced labor
  • Migrant Worker recruitment record and 
  • Disciplinary training record

Performance area 12: Protection of the Environment 

  • Policy on the environment, environment clearance certificate
  • Environment parameters are assessed by the agency 
  • Wastage disposal and agreement abided by local law
  • Environmental Impact and aspect assessment 
  • A grievance mechanism in place to address community environment concerns 
  • Responsible person-in-charge for environment
  • Environmental license
  • Training record for wastage generated tracking system
  • Awareness-raising on water waste reduction 
  • Risk assessment that justifies management decisions on water use

Performance area 13: Ethical Business Behavior

  • Anti-corruption Policy, Procedure and training record 
  • Risk assessment on corruption
  • Communication record on announcing reward to discourage corrupted activities
  • Procedure in Place to investigate to Ethical Behavior
  • Management Training record for Ethical Business Behavior
  • Anti-corruption flow chart



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