Buddy System Policy

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  1. The Buddy System
  2. Objectives
    Buddy System is the Tool wherein the new joinees are given emotional support to help relieve
    the new joinee from new environment anxieties about organizational culture and policies etc.
    through a friendly interaction by someone from the new organization who takes the new joinee
    through this journey.
  • Buddy system provides one-point contact to the new joinee to seek necessary information &
    clarifications. This is nothing to do with the performance of the new joinee but extending
    friendly support to help new joinee settle down in the new environment.
  1. Importance
    During orientation phase every new joinee looks for a friend in the new organization whom
    they can communicate freely and fearless to deal with anxieties which works very crucial to
    their motivation, performance and stability. The Buddy system is a practical and easy-toimplement approach of the induction process. By providing necessary information, a Buddy
    accelerates the new employee’s pace of becoming comfortable, thereby speeds up settling
    down in the new work place
  2. Goals (Experienced Associate) (New Associate) New BUDDY NEW JOINEE I want to
    settle down fast, and start working. Let’s help get the new team member settle as quickly as
  3. The first Impression can have a direct impact on the new starter’s motivation level and
    willingness to learn.
  4. Buddy Selection Criteria
    Buddy is one who interacts with a new employee during their first 04 weeks of employment
    on regular basis.
    •Buddy is someone who:
    ✓ Is a motivated & engaged employee.
    ✓ Has patience, good communication and interpersonal skills.
    ✓ Has fair understanding and commitment to the Company’s vision, mission, core values
    and goals.
    ✓ Is proud of working in the organization.
    ✓ Demonstrates high performance.
    ✓ Is a role model who is well regarded and accepted by team?
    ✓ Is skilled in the new employee’s job at least at basic level.
    ✓ Is a peer of the new employee?
    ✓ Is given time to be accessible to the new employee.
    ✓ Preferably, one who has been employed for more than a year.
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    Buddy System Policy
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  5. Role and Responsibility of Buddy
    BUDDY’s responsibility is to help establish a feel good and comfortable factor in new
    employee. With an effective BUDDY, new employee will settle down faster at their new work
    place and soon become contributing member.
    A BUDDY is to . . .
    ✓ Be source of information for the new employee on policies, procedures, work rules,
    norms, etc.
    ✓ Help socialize the new employee.
    ✓ Assist in training the new employee.
    ✓ Be a tour guide.
    ✓ Identify resources.
    ✓ Provide introductions.
    ✓ Be proactively approachable as some new joinees are shy
    ✓ Provide a personal touch
  6. Buddy’s meeting with the new employee:
    ➢ After Buddy’s name and details of new employee has been circulated, Buddy will
    contact new employee at the earliest available opportunity.
    ➢ A Buddy can be given more than 01 New joinee.
    ➢ HR department will send prior intimation to Buddy to receive new joinee after his
    Induction Presentation and Introduction to all the Departments by HR. Buddy will be
    meeting new joinee over lunch or otherwise on that day.
    ➢ Buddy’s first meeting with new employee should be introductory in nature.
    ➢ Buddy should inform the new employee his contact details, and make it clear that he is
    available to them as & when required.
    ➢ Buddy must meet the new employee regularly for at least 15-20 minutes, once a week
    during their first month.
  7. Do’s & Don’ts’s for Buddy to remember.
    ✓ Be patient and positive. It takes time to develop a relationship.
    ✓ Look for a preferred style of communication and/or cultural identification
    ✓ Listening may be more important than giving advice.
    ✓ Keep a good attitude and stay in a supporting spirit.
    ✓ Be a support than shoulder.
  • Don’t try to force a relationship.
  • Don’t try to turn the new employee into your clone. That person may have a different
    style from yours. Let the new employee develop.
  • Don’t go overboard in giving too much information.
  • Don’t be judgmental.
  • Don’t worry about being perceived as the “expert.” Your experience is important to the
    new employee.
  1. Benefits to Buddies
  • Giving something back to your Organization as gratitude.
  • Share accumulated knowledge and experience for organization growth.
  • Gain a better understanding of self through helping others.
  • Maintain or create a fresh perspective.
  • Help they Groom as Leader of small team
  • Informal recognition as one of the good performers.
    Rewards /Awards for BUDDY
  • HR Department monitors the performance of BUDDY in terms of efforts and pains
    taken by the Buddy in achieving the Objective of the Buddy System and give due
    consideration at an appropriate opportunity.
  1. Termination of Relationship
  • The Buddy relationship between with the new employee will be terminated if either:
  • On expiry of one months.
  • The Buddy relationship operates under a ‘no-fault’ termination mechanism. This means
    that if either the Buddy or the new employee so requests, the Buddy relationship
    immediately ends.
  • The new employee is allocated another Buddy, as old Buddy can be allocated to a
    different new employee.
  • Buddy and new joiner must file a Report to the HR Department in a prescribed format
    without revealing exact details of the query, so that HR system can reduce the concerns
    for future new joiners.
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