Question : Discuss 14 Principles Of Management?

Spread the love                      Answer : The 14 principles of management are: Division of Labour Unity of Command…

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Question : What Are The Different Types Of Modern Controlling Techniques?

Spread the love                      Answer : The different types of Modern controlling techniques are: PERT/CPM Human resource Accounting…

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Question : What Is Productivity?

Spread the love                      Answer : Ratio between input and output during a specified period with the due…

Question : Distinguish Between Power And Authority?

Spread the love                      Answer : Power is capacity to command. Authority is the right to command.

Question : Distinguish Between Centralization And Decentralization?

Spread the love                      Answer : Based on delegation of authority organizations are classified into two types: Centralization:…

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Question : Distinguish Between Policies And Procedures?

Spread the love                      Answer: Policy is the prevailing condition and understating. Procedure is the sequence of a…

Question : What Is MBO?

Spread the love                      Answer: MBO is a Comprehensive management System. It is used for goal setting, Motivation…

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Question : What Is Economic Environment?

Spread the love                      Answer: Various economic activities affecting business of a nation is known as Economic environment.…

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Question : What Are The Various Types Of Decision Making Models?

Spread the love                      Answer: Classical decision making models. Administrative decision making models. Political decision making models.

Question : What Do You Mean By ‘bounded Rationality’ In Decision Making?

Spread the love                      Answer: If people are having time and cognitive ability for making decisions, it is…

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